Poet Bloggs

Wedding ceremony is not just another ceremony

Wedding is a special occasion – it is an occasion where two people decide to spend their lives together forever. They decide to accept each other as the special person who will experience everything which they do. They decide to share everything with each other – each moment of health and sickness, each feeling of joy and sadness, each kiss of love and passion. Love is a complicated thing with simple undertones and if you are lucky enough to find someone special enough to make you want to spend your entire life being with them, then celebrate it in the beautiful locations of Smoky Mountains.
To immortalise your love with this beautiful relationship, many hold a wedding ceremony to celebrate the grandeur of their emotions and passion. A wedding ceremony is important to any marriage because:

It is a formal way to bind two people on a bond of eternity where they can easily prove the worth of their relationship to the whole world.
It is a way to celebrate your special moments with everyone you love and care about. A wedding ceremony unites the families and friends of both the partners in a mix which strengthens the bond between them
A wedding ceremony involves preparations and creates a lot of memories for everyone. The bride’s beautiful dress or the groom’s best friend’s speech, there are a lot of memories which are associated with a wedding function and remembered a lot of times in the couple’s future years
All the moments of love and romance are relived when the knot is finally tied. The couple feels closer to each other with each passing moment as they realise the intensity of their action to marry each other.
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